Benefits that can be enjoyed for transportation efficiency and effectiveness of your business including;

  1. Replacement vehicle facility to ensure business activities by minimizing inefficiencies due to unavailability of vehicle damage and vehicle maintenance.
  2. Third-party insurance (Third-party liabilities) provides protection from loss due to traffic accidents, Emergency Service Team Kalla Rent will help to Complete resolution of the case. We are ready to face all kinds of challenges and seeks to overcome the Communication and good cooperation. We are committed to doing continuously innovate and seek new opportunities in business development.
  3. Regular maintenance of national standards to ensure your vehicle is always operating in prime condition, a trained mechanic who handled through this training process.
  4. 24-Hour Service Assistance Center Costumer ensure solution to your problem, not limited by time. Costumer Assistance Officer who trained ready to help you 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
  5. Reservation Services Call Center gives you easy and convenient access of vehicles to make reservation in all operational areas KALLA RENT.