Long term car rental (Operating Lease)

Service long-term rental vehicles targeted to facilitate the need for transportation solutions business, so you can better focus on core business. Transportation solutions that our customers enjoy special designed to fit with company’s business transportation needs.

Various types of vehicles available, equipped with a fleet management system that supported muktahir information technology systems. Commercial vehicle began to sedans of various brands, we serve the diverse needs of companies with diverse industry backgrounds.

Short-term rental

Present as transportation services for daily needs with the most complete rental system. Customers can enjoy a reliable new vehicle and driver services professionals in every branch, located strategically in major cities of Indonesia. KALLARENT to facilitate the reservation process for national coverage. Rental Management System currently in the system setup phase.

Driver Service

Professional Driver Services selected through rigorous selection, ready to serve you. This service will free you from the problems of recruitment, payroll, and the problem of driver mentality that often interfere with the smoothness of the business.