Our commitment to the mission of PT. BUMI JASA UTAMA – Kallarent always based on the values that guide our actions.

    We run a business with honesty to yourself and to others, doing what we have agreed professionally.
    ‘Safety issue’ is a priority of our business. We always keep the safety, security and health of employees and the environment in ways that minimize pollution occurs.
    We tried to make the best of everything to achieve customer satisfaction. We strive continuously to develop skills (skills) and technology as our commitment to making the customer as a loyal business partner.
    We are ready to face all kinds of challenges and seeks to overcome the komunkasi and good cooperation.
    We are committed to doing senatiasa continuous innovation and mecari new opportunities in business development.
    We are responsible for any work we do both as individuals and as part of the team.
    We will always apply the corporate culture so that a working culture that upholds the spirit of professionalism.